Tell your brand story and build positive public association with the help of full production services including concept development, production and post-production to establish credibility and trust with potential clients. Create videos that perfectly describe and represent your brand’s position and personality.
There is a science to incorporating creativity into a video and– like Humpty Dumpty after he fell off the wall, we believe we’ve cracked it.
With laser sharp strategy and unheard-of levels of creativity, our in-house team of spatial designers, producers, videographers and artisans produce everything under one roof. This means we only create work that is incredibly true to the brand, fantastically creative, and ruthlessly consistent in the translation of the idea to the audience.

Our Process

Whether you need help in developing initial messages or already have a clear vision of a final product, our comprehensive video production services can help. We have a well-defined and effective process to guide you through from first steps to final goals.


We never underestimate the key importance of listening to our clients. We run discussion sessions with our clients to nail down objectives, and figure out the most effective avenue of sending a message across to the audience through a video.

Audience & Message

We figure out where the audience works and plays, what they do in their digital lives, and what they find engaging and shareable. These key insights help us craft the perfect message that resonates with desired audiences, and ensures the success of our clients’ videos.


This is where the fun bit begins, when our clients’ goals and objectives come together on a blank piece of paper. We think, brainstorm, write, sketch, style and plan the pipeline and final ideation of a video.


With the plan in place, we shoot, design, chop, draw, model and edit our way to a first cut. We build in opportunities for feedback so when we reach the final cut our client will be immensely happy with the end result.

Hands-Free Approach

From the initial spark of an idea through to the delivery of the finished video - we've got it covered! We work closely with our clients to produce videos and films that enhance the brand's online visual identity, tell its story and help excel in the realm of digital marketing.

Video Production Development Services Malaysia